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Cogentis offers a diverse and evolving range of services to facilitate and accelerate innovation adoption and ensure that your great ideas are converted into products and services that deliver benefit and value for patients. You’ll find information on the three core components of our service proposition below – but please remember our consultancy offering is bespoke to each client. Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and discover how Cogentis can support you and accelerate the path to adoption of your product or service.

Value proposition

It can be challenging to articulate a value proposition that is compelling to decision makers. We have extensive experience of working with organisations to evaluate the impact of introducing new products and services and develop or test value propositions and messaging. We work directly with the key decision makers (clinicians and payers) who are actively involved in the relevant therapy areas. Our assessments take account of the NHS landscape and use well-researched target product profiles to assess and evidence product potential. We use interactive approaches to assess the value drivers and evidence the strengths and weaknesses of the value proposition. The resulting value proposition will be a credible and coherent demonstration of the value to healthcare providers and patients.

Pricing strategy

Pricing is one of the key considerations in positioning a new product or service. Relevant economic evidence is essential when bringing a product to market or increasing adoption in a challenging financial landscape. The payers (to whom we have unique direct access) are often under pressure to reduce costs or increase income and profitability, while simultaneously aiming to improve service delivery and patient care. It is vitally important to clearly demonstrate the product value appropriately and credibly.

We bring extensive knowledge and experience in informing and testing appropriate pricing strategies for new products and services in a range of markets. Our team employs rigorous analytical techniques and approaches including economic modelling, statistical analyses, econometrics, systems thinking, operations research, financial modelling, optimisation and discrete event models.


Understanding the NHS landscape and how to transform current patient journeys is crucial for assessing new opportunities in healthcare innovation. Our team employs a tailored approach to visualise the pathways and define the steps within, as well as identifying the required resources and estimating the costs. We can then predict and compare current and potential pathways to illustrate the impact of new services and products. Pathways can be validated in healthcare settings using real world data or through a service evaluation.

Our approach is highly effective due to our direct and unrivalled access to all levels of the NHS – from community health trusts, through primary care, ICSs and STPs to C suite. We use this unique network, together with our team’s extensive experience and knowledge, to deliver invaluable insight to help you find the right route into the NHS for your product or service and identify relevant unmet needs and barriers to adoption.

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