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Mamta Bajre

Mamta has an MSc in Economics evaluation in healthcare and began her career as a GP and clinical researcher. Six years later, she was appointed as a health economist at NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative. Mamta joined the AHSN in August 2018 as Lead Methodologist / Health Economist in the Strategic and Industry Partnerships programme – a role in which she is supported by a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of methodologists. The team’s primary responsibility is to carry out economic assessments and economic burden calculations in accordance with established methodology and reflecting current best practice. Mamta believes that as the demand and pressure on healthcare is increasing, economic evaluation and development of new cost-effective care pathways will become increasingly important and relevant worldwide and she is excited to be part of this energetic team, delivering service evaluations and helping to implement new care pathways in NHS.

Mamta Bajre

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