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We are Cogentis

We exist to make clinical innovation in the NHS relevant and ensure the technology that will benefit patients reaches the hands of the people who can deploy it to improve patient outcomes. Our experienced and talented team works with clients of all sizes from the NHS, universities and industry to facilitate and accelerate innovation adoption and ensure that great ideas are converted into products and services that deliver benefit and value for patients.

If you have a new product or service, we can assist with value proposition development and testing, pricing strategy, insight into the health care landscape and more. Explore our site to find out how Cogentis could partner with you to achieve outstanding results – and then do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Our service proposition

Value proposition

We can help you evaluate the impact of introducing new products and services and develop or test value propositions and messaging.


Pricing strategy

Our team can support you in informing and testing appropriate pricing strategies for new products and services in a range of markets.



We can deliver invaluable insight to help you understand the healthcare landscape and find the right route into the NHS.


What we do

Cogentis is a commercial enterprise, responsible for delivering quality, pragmatic advice and support to our clients to help them identify and follow the quickest and most effective route to market for innovative products and services that meet a defined clinical need. Our specialist team of consultants offers extensive insight, knowledge and expertise in the NHS.


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